How It Works

Steps to improve your business. It's so simple!

Steps to improve your business. It's so simple!

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Create Your Account

Creating an account with Lagaito is easy. We have removed all the clutter of signing up. It is fast and very user friendly so you can get right to finding what you’re looking for in no time! Simply click here to register or at any time, go to the Log In tab and register from there. We removed all the friction of long forms. Fill in your email and we will send you a confirmation. That’s it! You’ll be creating, searching and rating businesses before you know it!.

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Step 2
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Submit Your Business

want the world to know about? We are here to help! Simply click “Add Your Business” and select a plan. Use The Basics plan to submit you business. It is always 100% free! Go through the steps entering general information about your services and/or items. The more details you enter, the easier it is for your customers to find you. Are you already using other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc.? No need to redo all of the work. Simply link out to you accounts in the fields provided. And that’s it! Let us do the rest. .

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Step 3
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Get More Customers

Let Lagaito take your worries away.<br><br> We want you to be easily found by those looking for your services. We set up categories, keywords, locations etc. to make your business easy to locate. <br><br> We make it easier to reach more people and more importantly, for the world to reach out to you. Communicate with ease and spread your passion. Lagaito is highly functional, easy to use, very well integrated with other social media platforms, and beautiful to look at

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